mosaic is posh

mosaic ring created by Simona Canino

You can walk over a mosaic floor but not over a painting.

Mosaic is art but it's also a timeless decorative medium.

When trying to understand something new, we usually try to compare it with something else. But mosaic is too unique. You cannot really compare it to any other art form when it comes to its durability and functionality.

Mosaic is forever.

Besides its timelessness what makes mosaic unique from an aesthetic point of view is its discontinuity (the space between the mosaic tiles). The real vs. the unreal.

In ancient times, mosaic used to be for the few and privileged. Think of Delos and Pompei mosaic floors. The ancients adored lavishness and luxury too. Mosaic was THE way to do live that lifestyle.

Mosaic is still a symbol of prestige, good taste and high net worth. Today however more people can afford mosaic due to the versatility of the medium, the use of new materials and its new and diverse applications as a decorative art form.

Still, mosaic is rather costly. Imagine the time needed to construct images with pieces one by one which you have to cut first.

Mosaic is power. You can create anything using pieces of stone, glass, beans, nails, you name it. Mosaic helps unleash your creativity and it teaches you to wait. To work, create, play, try and construct.

But above all, mosaic is posh. This is the motto here!

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