my mosaics

These are two mosaic replicas I made for clients in Italy and Greece. I currently accept commissions for mosaic copies of small to medium dimensions.

Reproduction of a rare mosaic icon
of the Virgin (Panagia) from Constantinople
of the 10th century commissioned by a museum.
I have made nearly a dozen of these icons.

 On the left you can see the original.
The gaze might be slightly different, but
I have made about a dozen icons of this piece
and this is the one I have at home which
wasn't as good as the others...

Reproduction of a mosaic detail from

San Vitale in Ravenna
which I have made during the advanced

mosaic course I took in Ravenna, Italy


  1. Beautiful work. Especially like the Minoan lilies. What base do you use? Are they indirect or the Ravenna method?

  2. Thank you Helen! The pictures are kind of bad.... I used the Ravenna method and once I removed all the lime putty, I finished the work with cement. I also painted the rim gold because this is what my client wanted. :)


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